A Gift from Nature

Producing pharmaceutical-free, safe and delicious meat Rearing healthy and lively pigs
 Having devoted ourselves to this goal, we eventually discovered “Kakegawa Yeast” (registered as Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Kakegawa). Yeast is the fermentation agent essential to all fermented foods. By using yeast-fermented feed, healthy and lively livestock can be reared. Kakegawa Yeast is a precise strain that provides all the benefits of yeast.

Kakegawa Yeast-Fermented Feed

 40 years for development of Kakegawa yeast fungus.
The fermented material is then sterilized and amino-acids are formed. It is then finally turned into high-quality Kakegawa Yeast-Fermented Feed. So it is savory, digestible, nutritious, and benefits blood circulation. This allows pigs to grow up healthily without any burdens, thereby producing excellent meat that has both muscle texture and fat.

Safe(Healthy, Pharmaceutical-Free Fattening)

 Kakegawa Yeast-Fed Pork is only derived from pigs that are fattened on sterilized, yeast-fermented feed without the use of antibiotics or pharmaceuticals. (The term “fattening period” refers to a stage of fattening where animals are fed with grain-based feed.)

Secure(An integrated manufacturing system from feed making to pig rearing)

 The entire production of Kakegawa Yeast-Fed Pork, from making the proprietary yeast-fermented feed to rearing the pigs, is fully controlled and operated by our company using a secure integrated manufacturing system.

Healthy(Abundant Plant Fat)

 High-quality fat allows for unprecedented taste
The pig breeds chosen for fattening with Kakegawa Yeast-Fermented Feed are known for having relatively low levels of animal fat and yet still possess relatively high “plant fat” content. The meat from these pigs is also famous for having high concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids, thus producing healthy and mellow pork fat.

Testimony from Professor Oshida

 I have personally tasted the delicious Kakegawa Yeast-Fed Pork on two occasions, in both shabu-shabu and in pork with ginger sauce. When cooked in the shabu-shabu pot, the pork was delicious and left no scum on the surface. The pork in ginger sauce was just as memorable too. Compared to traditional pork, Kakegawa Yeast-Fed Pork contains less animal fat, which is one of the main causes of obesity. It also has more unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to our health. Since its muscle texture is relatively tender, the mouthfeel is extremely pleasant. In addition, it survives the unfreezing process very well, meaning that the unfrozen pork retains more of its taste and nutritional elements. It would be a great joy if we could have such delicious, healthy Kakegawa Yeast-Fed Pork on our dining table every day.

Toshio Oshida
 AZABU-UNIVERSITY,Veterinary Medicine - Professor、

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